We're headed to NYC to change the culture!

Black Vanity will be hosting a fashion show for New York Fashion Week in September 2023!!!

The name of our show and collection is "The Collaborative Collection". This name is meant to represent our team effort to do something that has never been done before.

We decided to host this event because we wanted to achieve three major goals:

  • Celebrate Black beauty and culture both on and offline (as well as onstage and backstage)
  • Introduce holistic health and clean beauty to both everyday and high-profile environments
  • Empower emerging artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to connect with others and propel their work forward, together

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You Are Appreciated!

How Can You Support Us?

Help Us Reach Out $10k Goal

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Many Black artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs often struggle to financially fund their work due to a lack of access and the discrimination in lending policies.

We want to help eliminate this burden for our Collaborative members. So, we're raising $10,000 to help each member create without financial worries.

Become A Show Sponsor


To become a sponsor, please send an email to blackvanitycompany@gmail.com

Show Sponsors are organizations that have committed to providing financial resources to our team. To show that we appreciate our sponsors, we're inviting them to promote their organization on our promotional merchandise, social media pages, and more!

If you're interested in promoting your business in front of NYC and thousands of our social media followers on IG, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Youtube ... this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Here's a breakdown of our once-in-a-lifetime sponsorship opportunities:

Bronze - $50

  • Add your logo to the front of our gift bags
  • Add product or business card to our team gift bags

Silver - $100

  • Everything in Bronze package included
  • Add your logo to the back of our team t-shirt
  • 30-sec promo clip in Youtube recap video

Gold - $1000

  • Everything in Silver package included
  • 3 social media promo posts on @blackvanitycosmetics on IG & Tik Tok
  • Free ticket to attend the fashion show with us in September 2023

Purchase Tickets To The Show

You can come to NYC with us to see our history-making fashion show live 🤩

Click here to purchase in-person and digital livestream tickets

Why Is Black Vanity Hosting A Fashion Show?

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