Introducing our latest and largest collection yet… Stay Golden!

This collection is designed to reduce the appearance of dark marks, acne scars, uneven complexion, and hyperpigmentation.

It’s key ingredients include turmeric, lemon essential oil, carrot seed, and sunflower oil, which are known to prevent the overproduction of melanin and restore the skin’s natural color.

This collection includes face, body, and lip care products

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Embrace Your Beauty

Whether you go bare-faced & wear your curls or go out with full glam and curls tucked in protective styles... we want you to love all that beauty you were born with every single day!

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"It's our goal to make your skin glow and curls pop using the best remedies nature has to offer"

- Akeya, Founder & Product Expert

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  • No Harmful Ingredients

    Many traditional, store-brought products include a lot of harmful fillers and preservatives to keep products on the shelf longer and manufacturers' costs low. At Black Vanity... we say NO to all of that! No harmful ingredients are used in our products to keep you, your skin, and your hair safe and healthy.

  • Plant-Based Formulations

    We believe that the Earth has most of what we need to heal and protect our bodies, including our skin and hair. So, we decided to harness the power of nature in each and every one of our products. All formulations are crafted using ethically-sourced natural ingredients.

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