Black Vanity Culture Fest

AUGUST 24, 2024

Where beauty meets fashion meets music meets art meets culture

📍Artworks Trenton - 19 Everett Alley Trenton, NJ 08611

Black Vanity Culture Fest is curated to encourage, amplify, highlight, and celebrate Black creatives and the art they’re creating.

Black Vanity plans to partner with creatives based in and around Trenton to create a night of cultural celebration and artistic expression.

As we encourage our community to explore holistic health, we hope that Black Vanity Culture Fest will serve as an opportunity to explore how creative expression and cultural celebration can be used as tools of release and healing.

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Did you know that, in 2021, Black consumers spent roughly $6.6 billion on beauty? That's almost 11% of the country's beauty spending!

Did you also know that Black-owned beauty brands make up about 2.5% of revenue in the beauty industry? Historically, Black-owned beauty brands have battled against oppressive standards of beauty and resources gaps that prevent these brands for fully penetrating the market.

Black Vanity Culture Fest is curated to give Black creative brands a platform to connect with our community. Together, we can create a space where our needs, wants, history, and creative are truly valued and supported in very meaningful ways.

Statisitcs Source: Mckinsey & Company

Black is beautiful


Culture Fest will create an environment that showcases, highlights, and celebrate the beauty of Black people and our diasporic culture.

Enjoy an elite shopping experience with Black Vanity as you explore using plants to enhance your natural beauty.



Culture Fest will enhance your sense of style as you experience the world of "wearable art".

Enjoy fashion shows curated by local fashion designers and clothing brand owners.



Culture Fest will expose you the sound of Black culture through the lyrics, beats, and melodies of Black musicians.

Enjoy live performances from local hip hop and R&B artists who will share their story through the lyrics.

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