Experience the healing powers of the Earth

Black Vanity LLC is a Black woman-owned beauty and wellness brand that specializes in manufacturing, and selling natural personal care products made for us, by us without the use of harmful fillers and preservatives. 

In addition to providing products, Black Vanity LLC also creates virtual & in-person spaces that promote self-discovery, self-care, holistic health, and cultural empowerment as a means to help our community achieve happier, healthier, and more resilient lifestyles. 

It is our goal to educate, empower, and nourish the Black community with the information, spaces, and products necessary to embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Founder & CEO Story

Akeya's Story

Hi! I'm Akeya, the Founder, CEO, and Product Expert at Black Vanity. I started Black Vanity to be the difference I needed (and that I know you need too) in the beauty industry. I was tired of seeing reports reveal alarming findings about products I had been using since a kid. So, I said "enough is enough" and started making my own products. Once I saw the difference in my hair and skin ... I knew the rest of the world needed me too!

Tune in to my journey


Although all of Black Vanity's products are made using natural ingredients, it is important that customers use their own discretion when choosing what products to purchase and use. Please take allergies, existing conditions, etc. into consideration when purchasing and using products. Black Vanity, nor its owners, are in no way responsible for any unwanted reactions that result from the use of our products.

By purchasing any of our products or merchandise, you are acknowledging and agreeing to these conditions.