About Us

Akeya Fortson-Brown, Founder of Black Vanity

Meet The Founder

Hi! I'm Akeya, the Founder, CEO, and Product Expert at Black Vanity. I started Black Vanity to be the difference I needed (and that I know you need too) in the beauty industry. I was tired of seeing reports reveal alarming findings about products I had been using since a kid. So, I said "enough is enough" and started making my own products. Once I saw the difference in my hair and skin ... I knew the rest of the world needed me too!

Our Origin Story

Black Vanity was founded by two best friends looking to make a difference in the skincare industry. One day, Akeya and her best friend, Marlaina, were on Facetime complaining to each other about their skin care issues. They needed solutions, but there were none on the shelves at the store. So, they started researching, brainstorming, and testing to develop a lot of the formulations you see today.

  • Akeya Fortson-Brown


    Founder, CEO, & Product Expert

  • Anissa Crump


    Brand Ambassador

  • Ivory Scott


    Customer Experience Expert

  • A'Kayla

    Brand Ambassador

Our Mission

We want to create products that use natural ingredients to improve the look and feel of your skin. At Black Vanity Cosmetics, our main goal is to help you feel good about your skin and the products you're using to maintain its health. The skincare industry is filled with so many products that may not fulfill the promises on their labels, may include ingredients you can't pronounce, and/or may even irritate your skin. As our business expands and products improve, we hope that we can help everyone improve their skincare routine and become more conscious consumers when purchasing cosmetics.

***DISCLAIMER: Although all of Black Vanity's products are made using natural ingredients, it is important that customers use their own discretion when choosing what products to purchase and use. Black Vanity, nor its owners, are in no way responsible for any unwanted reactions that result from the use of our products.

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