Black Vanity - What’s The Hype About Body Butters?

What’s All The Hype About Body Butters?

I grew up using lotions you could find at your local grocery store or Target.

My biggest challenge was trying to find the lotion that would keep me from being ashy in the middle of the day and that wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

I tried a lot of different brands. Nothing got the job done like that natural butters and oil combination. Nothing.” 

- Akeya, Founder of Black Vanity

So, let’s talk about body butters. 

What are body butters? 

Body butters are body moisturizers that are typically used after you take a shower to trap water into your skin for its health and create a protective barrier on the skin (that "moisturized skin" feeling). 

Are body butters like lotion? 

Body butters are often used as an alternative to using lotion. They are typically thicker than your average lotion. 

Are body butters greasy? 

Although body butters do have a thicker consistency, they are not greasy. The “greasy look” comes from ingredients that simply sit on top of the skin (like petroleum jelly and mineral oil) because they are not easily absorbed into the skin. 

A quality body butter should be made using natural oils that absorb into you skin and natural butters that create a non-greasy protective layer on top of your skin. 

What skin types should use body butters? 

Body butters are perfect for all skin types.

  • For oily skin, apply your body butter at night so it has time to absorb completely and work its magic.
  • For dry skin, use your body butter right after you get out the shower while you skin is still damp.
  • For acne-prone skin, use body butters with ingredients that can treat acne like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lemon extract, honey, aloe vera, etc. 

Do body butters work better than lotion? 

In our opinion, yes. The Black Vanity team and our customers notice that theIr skin is softer, healthier, and stays moisturized for longer periods of time when using a body butter.

Where can I find a quality body butter? 

Black Vanity makes body butters that are preservative-free, vegan, & plant-based. We offer body butters in a variety of scents, so you have a few options to choose from. To find out more about our body butters, click here. 

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