Akeya, Black Vanity’s Owner, shows you how to do your own box braids at home

How To Do Box Braids At-Home (Beginner-Friendly Method)

Protective styles are the key to length retention, which is very important if you actually want to see a noticeable difference in the length of your hair.

Although most people's hair grows about 1/2 inch every month, there are still many people who believe "my hair can't grow past a certain length". 

If this sounds like you, don't panic. It isn't hopeless for you. Actually, I'm about to share some good news with you. You'll be able to start seeing more of your length by making a small adjustment to your hair routine. 

You'll need to add in a few months of protective styles this year. 

What are protective styles?

Protective styles are any hairstyle that keeps your ends tucked away and your hands out of your head. The best protective styles are low-tension, which means they do not pull tightly on your edges or strands. 

The idea is that as your hair grows, you will have it protected from harsh weather conditions, flat irons, rough detangling, and other things that could potentially damage your hair. Installing and taking down protective styles properly is the best way to start seeing a noticeable difference in the length of your hair. 


What protective styles are the best for hair growth?

We recommend glue-less wigs, mini twists, low-tension box braids, and twisted styles as great options to start experimenting with protective styling. They are all fairly easy to learn how to do and they can for weeks.

To steal my method for installing one of my favorite protective styles, watch this video below

Here's what you'll need to install this look at home: 

1. Blow dryer (optional if you choose to air dry)

2. 3 packs of pre-stretched Xpression braiding hair 

3. Rat tail comb

4. Your favorite gel, jam, or pomade 

5. Hair clips (to make parting easier)

6. Hemptation Hair Growth Oil or Hemptation Anti-Hair Loss 

7. Your favorite mousse or wrapping foam

8. Hair rubber bands (try to find ones that match your hair color)

You can also skip the shopping trip and get a Braid Kit from Black Beauty Near You delivered right to your door to achieve this style. The kit comes with everything you'll need except the rubber bands and mousse (which you can find at the dollar store or beauty supply store). 

Pro Tip

The key to retain the most length possible is to keep your scalp moisturized (it's okay to spray your scalp with water every 2-3 days) and healthy (by locking in moisture and nutrients using a quality oil).


We hope this blog helped you a get a little further along in your healthy hair and hair growth journey. Keep being consistent with your hair and remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more helpful tips related to hair, skin, holistic health, and more! 

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