Celebrating Five Years of Black Vanity 🥳

Celebrating Five Years of Black Vanity 🥳

What started off as two friends brainstorming on FaceTime has now blossomed into such an impactful business and brand. 


Our Origin Story

Black Vanity was originally founded in 2019 by two college sophomores looking for a solution to the skin and hair issues they were struggling with at the time. After careful research and lots of testing, they developed unique formulas that addressed hormonal acne and eczema. And there was the birth of Black Vanity! 

Since then we have expanded our product lines to include six signature collections and a variety of seasonal collections to soothe and treat acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, dandruff, and hair loss. Black Vanity creates products for those who want to live a more natural life, including their choices in personal care products. As our mission states, we create each product with melanated skin & coily hair in mind to ensure NO ONE is excluded from enjoying quality natural products. 


Our Impact

More importantly, Black Vanity also uses its platform to expose our community to different ways of thinking about health, beauty, and healing. Through these conversations, we’ve built such meaningful relationships with our customers to learn more about their journeys as they navigate healthy hair, clear skin, self-care, mental wellness, and holistic health. Being willing to connect with our customers has been one of the most rewarding things about being in business. Without the support of our BVC fam, none of this would have been possible. 


Thank You For 5 Years!

As July 10th of this year will mark the beginning of our 5th year of business, we’d like to express gratitude and appreciation. So many of our customers have supported us through improving our formulas, getting better packaging, and working through the kinks of being a self-funded small business. And 5 years later, through all the highs and lows, we are still here today! 

Thank you to any and every one who has supported us by sharing posts, sending someone our website, and/or purchasing products! 

We hope to continue to provide high quality products that deliver results without using toxins, fillers, and harsh preservatives for many more years. We plan to continue to use our platform to advocate for clean beauty, natural alternatives, and achieving holistic wellness. 

To learn more about our story and products, check out our About page.

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